Still Screen Images
  We are working to make TextArc available on more platforms. If you are unable to run the TextArc Applets, the first thing to try is to download and install a current version of the Netscape or Internet Explorer browser. This is likely to fix most problems on Mac or PC platforms. Linux and Lindows issues will be addressed shortly.

In the meantime you are welcome to look at screens captured from the program showing a TextArc of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. Click on any image below to see a larger version.


An entire text is arranged in an arc, stepping clockwise, starting at 12:00. Lines are drawn around the outside, words around the inside. Words that appear more often are brighter.
Words used more than once in the text are drawn only once, at their average position. Here, rays are drawn from "Alice" to everywhere she appears.
Averaging helps show the viewer where a word is used. "Gryphon" appears near 9:00, pulled close to his episode in the story by the rubber band-like action of the averaging.
A curved line can connect the words in the order they appear in the text. This is just for fun, showing how the TextArc space relates to the original linear space of the text.
Here "Rabbit" is highlighted in the arc and an overlay full-text window. Lines containing "Rabbit" are drawn in green around the arc, in the text window, and even in the scrollbar.
A concordance shows how many times each word is used. Words can be looked up in a Thesaurus and drawn in red.